Message from Headmistress

Dr. Dixita Papriwal

Innocence, joy, fervor, vitality and unlimited creative urge devoid of all worries are the main characteristics of childhood. Pushpvatika is a child’s world, whatever Jaipuriya have designed. It is according to children’s requirement. Jaipuriya believe in inculcating the curiosity of lifelong learning. So they have come up with another milestone by development of Pushpvatika.

Pushpvatika campus is scientifically designed to foster and nurture young is scientific research which has proven

that form 1.5 years to 6 years is crucial period in child life. Many studies have demonstrated that the high quality preschool education not only improves behavior of children but also helps them to become more responsible citizen.

Keeping in mind Pushpvatika provides a support system to children which helps them to become exemplary students, unmatched artist and furnish children with an environment where they can maintain their innocence with mature mindset and soul, so they can become responsible citizen with strong moral values.

We provide stimulating play environment for children. The vast lush green campus with all the amenities for the children’s growth provides creative freedom for ideas and thought. Modern scientific training facilities not only enhance the school physical environment but also help in simplifying the learning technique.

Our curriculum at Pushpvatika is a unique blend of Montessori, thematic and play –way methodology. We take care of development of six important skills necessary for pre schoolers:

  • Physical and motor development.
  • Sensorial development.
  • Language development.
  • Cognitive development.
  • Socio and emotional development.
  • Aesthetic development

Pushpvatika has modernized class rooms giving a complete makeover to traditional class rooms proper play area with play equipment, art and craft which provide children freedom to express and exhibit their express as the artist. Dance and music room which is the soul of kindergarten stage is an integral part of Pushpvatika curriculum.

In the end I would like to conclude with the lines of Ruskin Bond-
“Build the castle in the air
But first give them strong foundations
Hold fast to all your dreams
Make perfect your creations
All glory comes to those who dare”

So the method which we have incorporated will help the young toddlers to make huge castles with strong foundation.

As I embark on my journey with Pushpvatika I see your co-operation in lighting the lantern of knowledge and scaling greater heights.
Thank you