Shalini & Arvind
(Parents of Abhimanyu Singh)

We are very happy for making the correct decision of choosing Pushpvatika as a early school for our kid Abhimanyu …Early education at the Centre is helping him in his overall development. The teaching staff as well as helping staff is very friendly caring and well prepared to keep the children safe, active and engaged .The school is always clean and organized. Classrooms are big, airy and have enough constructive activities for the kids’ fun learning and keeping them engaged. School huge playground is another plus point Pushpvatika family puts lots of efforts for the overall grooming of the children.
Very thankful to all the staff
Keep progressing
All the very best

Dr.Manasvee Sharma)
(Mother of Kevalya Sharma)

I must say that Pushpvatika is one of the best pre- primary schools of Jaipur. I totally agree with its caption line “where children bloom”. Yes over here every child blooms .I’m Dr Manasvee ,kevalya Sharma ‘s mother who is in play group. We are very satisfied with the school as it is well-managed, clean and have an open playground with rides where my son enjoys a lot. The school concentrates on both curricular, extra- curricular activities and overall development of each child. The Headmistress Dr Dixita Papriwal, her staff and helpers are very caring and trained. The curriculum is well designed. Dr Dixita makes sincere efforts that no child is left behind. She and her team are always available to answer all our queries. Kevalya got admission in settling stage. We were worried as he is too small will he be able to adjust but the caring teachers, loving environment and fun activities has made Kevalya love this school.He is well -adjusted now.Kevalya after joining has shown positive changes like he has a routine of sleeping and waking up, putting things on the right place, wipe his face after finishing his meal.

Vidhi Mahajan
(Mother of Jahanvi Mahajan)

School is like a temple where children go daily to learn a lot of things like discipline, good manners, and etiquettes in form of study. My self VidhiMahajan, mother of JahanviMahajan who is students of class Prep- A in Pushpvatika School. It has a spacious and beautiful building along with playground beautiful lawns and lobby, big and tidy classrooms. The school has lots of facilities like craft and activities room, music room, skating room, and a beautiful Montessori room. Pushpvatika School has more than 20 teachers. They are very energetic and polite and they make children learn the subject creatively and attractively

The school organizes parent, teacher meetings every month so all queries regarding children have been resolved as soon as possible.

I would like to say that Pushpvatika School is the best Pre-Primary school in Jaipur city where children bloom.

The curriculum is designed by headmistress Dr.DixitaPapriwal

Kiran Choudhary
(Mother of Riddhima Choudhary)

Pushpvatika follows its name. It makes students happy as well as their parents. School gives HOMELY ENVIRONMENT to students. The staff is helpful and friendly. There is such a wide range of activities for children, they especially love the garden. Teacher to child ratio is very good. Teachers are always in touch with parents. My daughter‘s confidence has increased a lot in Pushpvatika. I feel very proud when teachers praise my daughter, this credit goes Pushpvatika. Preeti Sharma mam brings out the best in students. I am very thankful to all the staff of Pushpvatika for caring for my child.

Thank You Headmistress Dr. DixitaPapriwal for a good environment.

(Mother of Trishita Meena)

Pushpvatika School has been a great educational experience for our family. My kid looks forward to going to school in a positive learning and social atmosphere. We benefit from a highly communicative staff. I always know how my kid is doing, both in the classroom and on the playground. The staff has been incredibly accommodating encouraging and proactive about my child unique needs. I see my kid learning so much. The school regularly incorporated activities like gardening, beach days, yoga, fancy dress, art lessons and more, into the daily and monthly curriculum which is made by Dr. DixitaPapriwal feel so fortunate for our family to benefit from being a part of this special community. Great principal and staff.

Thank You.

Bhawana Sharma
(Mother of Hriday Bhardwaj)

I am very happy about school, especially the Head Teacher Mrs. DixitaPapriwal, they are very good at communicating. I have already strongly recommended Pushpvatika School to other parents as the standard of teaching is phenomenal. Awesome teachers and my son is learning things very quickly. The staff isfriendly and informative.

Robin Jain
(Father of Mitanshi)

I, at the time of my daughter's admission in KG class, had a lots of doubts whether I,m taking a right decision to choose Pushpvatika as her pre-primary school. But today I don't have any doubts and I,m proud of myself on taking that decision couple of years back. Main reason for this change is the headmistress ma'am and her staff.

Headmistress ma'am is like a grandmother for all the kids studying there. She is very friendly with the kids and all of them are learning a lot of good things from her. One thing I can easily say is that her focus is not only to make the kids studious but also all-rounders. Every then and now there happens to be an activity for the kids which keeps them motivated and enthusiastic. It teaches them the importance of being a team player as well.

She always says that winning shouldn't be the main goal at this tender age, it should rather be the participation. Her aim is to inculcate all the moral values in these kids that will eventually make them a better person once they grow up.

My daughter, Mitanshi (a student of class Prep-A), is always excited about the activities as sheparticipates in all of them be it a sports day, annual day celebration, any festive celebration, etc. This is not only because that she is an active kid but also because of the friendly and sporting atmosphere there in the school and encouragement from her class teacher Mrs. Preeti ma'am.

Sonam Jain
(Mother of Jalaj Jain)

At the time of My son Jalaj admission, I was very worried about this school whether school is good or not because I never heard the name of Pushpvatika earlier. Through some sources we did cross-check about the school environment they suggested that Jaipuria Vidyalaya is a very big brand and now we feel very happy and my son also. There are so many curriculum activities .

I just want to add that the teachers are also very helpful. My son loves his class teacher more than me and his Principal behavior is very nice.

Principal ma'am is also very friendly with Jalaj. Whenever Jalaj did well in his class and ma'am gave him that day he feels that he is hero...

Thank you so much, ma'am.

Prince Mathur
(Father of Divyanshi Mathur)

We are happy with Pushpvatika.My child is glowing with you .we are highly satisfied that our child is in safe hands. My daughter looks so happy and engage and having the best time of her life. We enjoy each and every activity organized by you. Like grandparents day made grandparents so happy. Thank You For Your Efforts Pushpvatika

Sonali Chouhan
(Mother of Samarth Chouhan)

I am Very Happy with the care and guidance are given by Preeti Ma’am and all the staff of Pushpvatika school .The teaching patterns adopted by the school are unique and wonderful.

Pushpvatika not only focuses on studies but also an emphasis on the extra-curriculum development of the child. I am really satisfied with the performance of Samarth. Thank You for Pushpvatika for taking care of ourchild.

Jayanti Anand
(Mother of ParijatGhate)

PUSHPVATIKA applies a unique method of teaching that emphasis more on practical approach, my son is in PerpClass and here he is being taught words formation and we are amazed to see my child forming the words. Lush green lawns and ample of space is available in the school for outdoor activities.

Suryanamaskar ,yoga is a part of children’s school curriculum .

Teachers are very cooperative and devoted to theirwork. Overall PUSHPVATIKA is an amazing Pre-Primary School.

Amit Kanwar
(Mother of Kaushiki Kanwar)

PUSHPVATIKA-where children bloom, perfectly suited your institution, really our kids bloom here .The school endeavors in doing all the essential skills in the students .A good balance between academics and so-curricular activities is maintained .The school respond positively to the feedback of the parents and take necessary actions whenever required. My ward is learning while enjoying in her formative years.

I extend a heartfelt thanks to Headmistress DixitaPapriwal Ma’am to designed such an innovative curriculum and also providing good learning environment to my ward.

Kanchan Ajay Singh
(Parents of Aditi Singh)

My younger daughter Aditi is studying in Pushpvatika. We have chosen Pushpvtaika without any hesitation as we were aware the culture and educational environment of Pushpvatika. My elder daughter Anjali is studying in Jaipuria Bal Vidyalaya i.e. the group school of Pushpvatika. When my daughter joins the JBV then her education was in very bad shape. We are very grateful to the teachers specially Priti Mam and Meghana Mam who have taken care of my daughter’s education very well. In very first PTM which was conducted just after one week of admission, teachers told each and every strength and weakness of our daughter. This was something which we know only.

This was the sufficient reason for choosing the Pushpavatika. Children’s are doing a lot of activity on its own. In school, teachers take care of each and every child very well. Children feel at home in school. Children and teachers are very attached which is very important for a good education environment.We are very convinced with the teachers, supporting staff, culture and environment of school. We recommend each and very parents to choose Pushpvatika for real education and development of their child(ren).

Kavita Meena
(Mother of Kunal Mother)

My child is growing and learning in Pushpvatika School in very well manners and my child is happy to go to school because the teachers are lovely, warm and caring behavior. My son everyday wishes his grandparents and takes their blessings because his teacher told him to do so. I am very happy to send my child to Pushpvatika.

He everyday plays after school hours in the school playground and feels very happy.
This school is ideal for kids.

My son is happy for every festival and day's which celebrate in years. In regular periods the school trip helps to aware many things.

Teachers are take caring of at school hours of kids and my child happy to say mam teach me that's why Iwill do my work myself.

Again I very happy with Pushpvatika School and their teachers.