PUSHPVATIKA pre primary school in Jaipur, is an Early Childhood Education Programme and thus the methodology is experimental and investigative, focusing on learning by doing and encouraging children to discover and experience that makes it a top pre school in Jaipur.

PUSHPVATIKA will focus on:-

  • Fostering a compelling idea of childhood and children and their capabilities.
  • Promoting empathy in Teaching-Learning process to cultivate the confidence of the child and to enhance his/her creativity.
  • Emphasizing upon the values of interpretation by observation and interpretation by doing.
  • Montessori system, thematic learning and play way method which is activity based.
  • Regular dialogue with parents and other stake holders in Early Childhood Education.
  • Promoting moral values amongst children.

This approach of PUSHPVATIKA is sought to be achieved by emphasizing the following domains of development:-

  • Development of Physical and Gross Motor Skills by special teaching aids and tools.
  • Development of Linguistic Aptitude and Creative Expression by providing a platform for expression by way of encouragement and multiple opportunities.
  • Development of Emotional and Social intelligence by enhancing the child’s ability to socialize and get along, to help him/her become a contributing ingredient/member of society.
  • Development of Cognitive Domain by providing the child ample opportunities to use his/her brain in a mind stimulating environment.